In today’s world, there is a lot of talk about the lack of privacy. In many ways, we destroy it ourselves: we expose personal photos, enter card and document data. However, it’s not just about cyber attacks: in fact, everyone knows about you in real life.

We are talking about airports, hotels, restaurants and tax offices. Employees in these areas either have direct access to your data or are able to study you psychologically in a short time. What do you need to remember to protect yourself?

Hotel staff can cash out your money

Do not leave open access to your bank accounts or e-wallet. In hotels, it is better to pay only in cash – very competent staff and an accountant can easily write off all your money.

Aggressive and nervous passengers can be seen on thermal imagers

Thermal imagers capture the slightest changes in a person’s condition. At large airports, this information is transmitted to the security services, and they, in turn, check the suspicious passenger more carefully.

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The scanner sees you naked

The scanner sees you naked

Be aware that when you walk through the booth with your arms and legs spread, the airport staff will see you naked. Yes, yes, completely. True, except for this particular worker, no one sees the passenger’s naked body.

Restaurant employees remember the “herd mentality”

If the waiter forces one of the members of the company to take dessert in a restaurant, then all the other visitors at the same table will follow his example.

If you wish, you can find out what you held in your hands last time

If a passenger is asked to rub their hands on a piece of cloth, then most likely the security service wants to know what this person recently held in his hands. Then the fabric with prints will be placed in the analyzer, where you can calculate some smells: explosives or other prohibited substances.

The IRS has information about you and your family

information about you and your family

The tax office knows what your family, apartment, and car look like. And employees can easily figure out where you have worked for the last 5 years, how much you have received, whether you have accounts abroad and much more – all this information is in their database.

Notaries share information about you with other authorities

Everyone is targeted: no matter why you came, the notary is obliged to carefully study your request. He will go through not only your data but also try to assess the hidden intentions and consequences. Something suspicious and related to money? You will be dealt with by completely different authorities.

Waiters influence you with a tray

The waiter, when clearing the table, holds the tray high – he tries not to show the dirty dishes to the guests. However, when the dish is first brought in, the tray with it is held lower, in the hope that more visitors will notice something appetizing and order something similar.

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