Do you also have those friends who constantly tell you how much you have won with sports betting? Or are you just looking for ways to increase your own chances of winning at betting? We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say that it’s not easy to beat a bookmaker and use the odds to your own advantage… Or could you possibly be wrong?

Betting professionals earn their daily bread with sports betting and there are more than one sports betting strategy they use to double their deposit, choose the right betting odds and achieve consistent success.

If you also want to learn more about the different techniques that every pro uses, then you’ve come to the right place. We will not only explain to you in single steps how to go from beginner to pro but also cover the most important points about sports betting strategy and show you in a few steps how to double your stake already at your deposit and how to minimize your risk when placing bets.

Sports betting strategies for beginners

betting strategy

This is the right place for you if you are making your first steps in sports betting. In other words: you don’t have an account with a betting provider yet or at least you have only placed 1-2 bets and want to improve your chances of success. 

What are sports bets and how can I make money with them?

Everyone has heard it before, whether in elementary school, at work or any other random place. A bet is nothing more than different opinions held by different parties. In sports betting, it’s pretty much the same and so every week thousands of Bundesliga fans bet on which team will win the race, whether there will be a draw, how many goals will be scored and much more. No wonder there are so many online bookmakers that pay out millions of euros to winning players every week when so many betting fans place their betting tips. That’s why the sports betting sector is also getting bigger and bigger, while the providers of lottery tips are struggling with losses.

You may now be wondering how there can be so many different bookmakers and whether there might be a catch for players somewhere.

Well, of course, the house always wants to win first and foremost, and for that, each bookmaker uses different strategies that guarantee them a monthly profit.

But you too can get more than one advantage over a bookmaker! Every single topic addressed in our picture sports betting strategy school will prepare you to step by step to apply a wide variety of techniques to become a betting pro.

Get started with the right bonus

Pretty much every sportsbook offers its players the option to activate sports betting bonus during or after their first deposit.

First and foremost, a bonus is always something good in the first place, but there are also serious differences here and so players sometimes run into a bonus trap from which they can’t easily get out. To avoid this, we make sure that we only introduce you to sports betting providers that also offer fair sports betting bonus, which prolongs your gaming fun and gives you the opportunity to accept the challenge and release the bonus.

Meet the bonus conditions

Read through the exact bonus conditions or have them explained to you by professionals (yes, we’re talking about us). Then nothing can go wrong and after a few tips, with a little luck, you will not only have the bonus on your account but a few more euros. As a rule, the bonus is linked to a certain turnover and minimum odds for tips. The differences here are huge from provider to provider. Some providers allow odds of only 1.5 to convert the bonus amount, while others want at least 2.0 odds. Since the betting providers set the odds according to the probability of winning and losing, lower odds are more likely to occur and are therefore more suitable for clearing the sports betting bonus. The same applies to the minimum wagering requirement – some providers require you to place bets worth 6 times the value of your bonus. 

Strategy for a successful betting balance

Sports betting strategy

Nowadays you can place a bet on just about anything. Usually, the different betting options are given by the respective bookmaker and some sports betting providers even offer their players the possibility to generate a certain bet specifically, if it does not exist yet.

Basically, therefore, bets are offered on pretty much every sport, league and competition that is of interest to the majority of players. On top of that, there are still betting options for every single sporting event, allowing you to bet on the outcome of the match, the number of goals, the first goalscorer, the number of throw-ins, the correct result and so on. Of course, this leaves plenty of room for the wildest sports betting strategy, some of which we already covered in our advanced section.

Is that all? No, quite the opposite! You’re just getting warmed up.

To increase your chances of winning, you can repeat the steps you have learned as often as you like and apply them to other betting markets, sports and betting options. This way you’ll increase your own learning factor at the same time and become an advanced betting fan in no time.

But as already mentioned, it doesn’t stop here. Once you make your first profit, it is essential to know how to pay it off and how to adjust your betting behaviour.

In order to cross this learning bridge as well, the following steps will guide you through the most important topics you should know before requesting your first payout.

Earn money with sports betting: 4 steps to success

How can I make money consistently with sports betting? The question of how or if it can be done at all is one we get asked time and time again, and the answer is actually always the same: It’s simple!

  • Work with good money management and choose bets that match your total balance, even if they may not be that high at first.
  • It is best to avoid betting on your favourite team. Emotions often lead to wrong decisions.
  • Keep yourself well informed with betting tips, sports news and analysis for a balanced personal sports betting strategy.
  • If you have a big win, it is best to pay it off first and make a new deposit with the same amount you started with. Unless you want to take it to the next level and increase your total deposit.

Sports betting without deposit: a risk-free option for every beginner

If you don’t want to risk a deposit, but still want to place a sports bet with no deposit, then a no deposit sports betting bonus is just the thing for your sports betting strategy.

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