Online casinos are enjoying great popularity and more and more people are opting to gamble directly on the net rather than in the arcade. But how can laymen tell if they have gotten involved with a reputable casino? What criteria need to be taken into account, and when should you stay away from a casino?

Trust in experts

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One of the most comprehensive online casino tests on the Internet has made it it’s business to provide more security through neutral and objective tests. And it is precisely those experts who should have a lasting influence on the decision for a casino. Because: A provider will always publish its offer as the best. However, an expert is not impressed by advertising promises but creates his picture. If the casino is not fair, this is communicated crystal clear. This creates more security for the gambler and the choice of the appropriate casino is easier.

Pay attention to the license

Since the State Treaty on Gambling came into force, it has been possible for online casinos to obtain a license in Germany. Until that time, it was only an exception in Schleswig-Holstein, because gambling was considered legal here. 

Newcomer bonus and regular customer bonus

The advertising promise of the casinos is clear: anyone who signs up for the first time gets a nice bonus. Here you should compare exactly how good the offer is. Because it also depends on how it stands around the turnover conditions. If you have to convert a bonus too often and therefore cannot fulfil these conditions, you will not benefit from it. It is equally important that not only new customers but also regular customers are considered. A regular customer bonus is a nice gesture that shows existing customers that they are welcome and appreciated.

The support of the casino

Crucial for a good casino is the support because it is considered the flagship of the provider. Those who play from Germany understandably want to be able to deal with German support. At least during weekdays, the telephone hotline should therefore also be manned by German employees. On holidays and weekends, however, only English-speaking supporters may be available. This is not a lack of quality, but simply due to working hours. In that case, an email can be written to the support.

The deposit and withdrawal conditions

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If you have made a nice profit, you naturally want to see it quickly in your account. It is therefore essential to take a closer look at the deposit and withdrawal conditions of a casino. It is clear that before the first payout, a check of the personal data takes place. For this, the gambler must submit a copy of his ID and often also another proof of address, in the form of a utility bill, etc. to the provider. After a 2-3 day check, the account is considered verified and the payout can be made. Now it is still necessary to pay attention to the deposit and withdrawal methods. Credit cards, instant transfer, e-wallets and also the Paysafecard are very popular.

The variety of the offer

Live games are no longer allowed today due to the State Treaty on Gambling. However, players still have the opportunity to enjoy themselves at the slot and here no one wants to experience the same game all the time. Therefore, the quality of an online casino is also determined by how much variety is offered. From roulette to blackjack to poker, a good casino should have a varied offer ready so that boredom does not set in even after several months.

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